Our WinePorn wine series is something very special. In collaboration with the winemaker, we choose a wine and vintage that is bottled just for us. Only these wines are allowed to carry the WinePorn label. There is only a limited quantity available exclusively at Rieslinghaus Bernkastel. The name of the winemaker and the winery is clearly mentioned on the bottle and we even use the winemaker’s own label, and just add our name “WinePorn”. What started off as a farfetched idea has turned into a very impressive series of wines. To mention a few, Daniel Vollenweider, Julian Haart, Maximin Grünhaus, Joh. Jos. Prüm, Fritz Haag, Max Ferdinand Richter, Wwe. Thanisch and many more. Reach out to us for more information about this series. Would you like to try the wines? We have now put together two different WinePorn selections that we would be happy to send you, for more information about each of the selections please contact us.

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