Wine Tasting


WinePorn OUR specially selected and bottled range 5 wines from different vintages, locations and ratings € 10.00 per person ONLY WITH PRIOR RESERVATION These wines are specially bottled for the Rieslinghaus Bernkastel. Together with the winemakers, we choose a barrel from their cellar - one...

JOH. JOS. PRÜM-Tasting

JOH. JOS. PRÜM-Tasting World-famous Rieslings from the Mittelmosel 5 wines of different vintages, locations and ratings € 18.00 per person + 4,00 € for a rare wine ONLY WITH PRIOR RESERVATION The world-famous, top-quality winery, from our neighboring town of Wehlen is considered the icon...


THE RIESLINGHAUS TASTING Across the vineyards of Mosel 5 wines of different winemakers, vintages, locations and ratings. € 9.00 per person ONLY WITH PRIOR RESERVATION We have selected 5 wines from our range for you, which should give you a little sneak preview of our...


Rieslinghaus Bernkastel
Hebegasse 11
54470 Bernkastel-Kues


opening hours are as follows:

Monday to Saturday

01.00 pm until 06.00 pm


01.00 pm until 04.00 om


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